Map Module 8 Choices - On the Road


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Map Module 8 Choices - On the Road

By Mary Jo Zwar

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Ages 12-14

Ministry to Adolescents Program (MAP)

A relational and educational ministry program for young people age 12-14 in which Christian adults listen to young people and speak God’s word to the real-life situations of young people.

Images of travel, map-reading, road signs, etc are used throughout the Ministry to Adolescents Program because they are indicative of the changes and movement that define the life of young adolescents.

The over-riding message throughout the Ministry to Adolescents Program is that

* God understands what it’s like on the road of adolescence,
* God cares about people on the road of adolescence,
* God can help people on the road of adolescence

and that

MAP leaders also care, are willing to listen and understand, and have experiences and a message (a faith and a Saviour) to share.

MAP is a flexible, modular program, leaders can choose among eight general themes that are significant in the lives of young people. The MODULES are:

* Identity
* Faith
* Family
* Road Map (Bible overview)
* Friends
* Jesus
* Issues
* Choices

MAP modules can be use in any combination and in any order.

Within each of these modules, there are six separate TOPICS. We recommend that the topics be used in the order in which they are presented.

Each of the topics is approached in the same three STEPS:

1. Start with the young people’s lives (‘Surveying the situation’)
2. Discover what God says and does in relation to this aspect of their lives (‘Consulting God’s road map’)
3. Encourage young people to respond to what God says and does (‘Moving on’).

We recommend that the three steps be used for every topic and in every session.

For each MAP module there is a Leader's Guide, which looks at such issues as:

*Understanding the changes taking place in young adolescents
*The MAP approach to ministry
*MAP and baptism
*MAP and confirmation
*MAP and outreach
*MAP: a team ministry
*MAP and parents
*MAP and mentors
*MAP leaders
*Bible and catechism
*MAP modules
*MAP program models
*Using MAP modules
*MAP in small or isolated groups
*A MAP launch

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