The Spirituality of the Cross Updated


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The Spirituality of the Cross Updated

By Gene Veith 

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Updated & Revised edition

The Way of the First Evangelicals

"At different times in my life I have embraced liberal theology, accepting whatever is progressive and crusading for social justice, and I have been a raving, miracle-expecting fundamentalist...What I needed was a spiritual framework big enough to embrace the whole of human existence, a realistic spirituality...that is not a negation of the physical world or ordinary life, but one that transfigures them."

"Each of the varieties of Christianity represents some spiritual tradition, an emphasis or distinctive teaching. I would be naïve to deny that each also has its problems and distortions. this is where the search for Christian spirituality often runs aground."

"As something of a spiritual wanderer - drifting from religion to religion, church to church, from the very liberal to the very conservative - I myself finally discovered the Gospel."

"Those who see spirituality in terms only of subjective gratification with nothing to do with objective truth lay themselves open to every kind of superstition and exploitation, to every flying-saucer cult and expensive New Age seminar."

Gene Edward Veith, Jr

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