Grandparents Passing on the Faith


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Grandparents Passing on the Faith

By Detlev Vosgerau

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Many members in our churches today feel a deep hurt that their grandchildren do not have faith in Jesus and have a deep desire to more effectively share their faith with their grandchildren.

The aim of this study guide is to support grandparents in passing on the faith to their grandchildren.

This study is not exhaustive and it does not offer easy answers to the complex issues of cross generational faith sharing. Rather, it is designed to be a beginning point, a place to begin exploring some of the issues and arriving at some solutions. It is a study for groups recognising the benefit and necessity for mutual sharing and encouragement.

Study One: ‘God loves my grandchildren even more than I do” (Part 1)

Study Two: ‘God loves my grandchildren even more than I do” (Part 2)

Study Three: ‘Always Learning’

Study Four: ‘The Grandparents Advantage’

Study Five: ‘The Nitty-Gritty’. Explores ways of sharing faith with your grandchildren in their lives. 

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